Royal Society Publishing and HighWire

Royal Society Publishing is pleased to announce that our online journal content is now hosted on the HighWire H2O platform.

  1. What is HighWire?

  2. What is the H2O platform?

  3. Benefits of HighWire technology for researchers

  4. Major features of HighWire hosted journals

  5. Testimonials

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What is HighWire?

HighWire Press is a state-of-the-art online content-delivery system. Operated by a non-profit division of the Stanford University Libraries, it develops and hosts the definitive online versions of more than 1,000 international peer-reviewed journals and some of the highest impact research material available on the Web. In fact, to date, HighWire hosts one-third of the 200 most frequently-cited journals.

HighWire's foundation is Internet2, the next generation of network infrastructure that removes the boundaries of today's internet. Internet2 offers the highest delivery speed available, ensuring rapid access to large PDFs, high-resolution research images, and graphic-heavy tables and charts for researchers and readers of the Royal Society journals.

As part of a library, a research institution and as an extension of the publishing world, HighWire has built up a loyal, enthusiastic and delighted base of frequent readers and is a unique, integral and progressive part of the academic publishing community.


What is the H2O platform?

Royal Society Publishing will launch its journal content on the ground-breaking HighWire H2O platform.

HighWire's H2O platform infrastructure is designed to cooperate with emerging web services and technologies, keeping publishers ahead of the curve. Because the system architecture seamlessly accommodates content structured in different ways, H2O is designed not only to accommodate the latest technology, but also to anticipate the technology of the future.

H2O means:
- standards-based architecture nimble enough to handle new requirements as they emerge;
- content re-engineering: allowing content to be used in standards-based environments that will allow innovation into the future.

The H2O platform will allow Royal Society Publishing content to be more accessible, and more portable, than ever. The progress of science is no longer confined to paper, or even to PDF files. The H20 e-publishing software platform will enable our readers to take the latest scientific discoveries with them, through RSS feeds or through any other flexible - and future - innovations in online publishing.

H20 architecture is the most effective way to offer researchers - and publishers - the ability to be innovative with the tools and information that the participatory web offers.


Benefits of HighWire technology for researchers

  • advanced research tools
  • taxonomic browsing; content collections; sequence and structure database links
  • citation mapping and more
  • increased content discoverability
  • availability of new delivery systems (PDA; RSS podcasting and other feeds) and,
  • for the future, (OAI; Outbound OpenURL and SRU)
  • Web 2.0 technologies
  • virtual symposia; interactive e-letters; tagging; social bookmarking and blogs
  • Data supplements, links and more (multimedia data, e-letters, related links)
  • advanced searching and browsing capabilities
  • continuously developed platform, with dozens of new features available every year
  • cross journal alerts
  • dedicated and attentive end-user support (response time typically within hours)
  • citation mapping
  • instant indexing
  • one stop gateway for browsing and searching a large amount of journal content
  • inter-journal linking

Major features of HighWire hosted journals

CiteTrack - Track the topics, authors and articles important to you

eTOCs - Be notified via email when new content goes online

Pay for Access - Access a single article or all content in a site

Cross-Journal searching Search across multiple journals

Inter-Journal Links Hyperlink from reference citations to the articles to which they refer

Searching Medline Custom Medline search service

Exporting citations Acquire article citations in the Medlars format

Viewing figures View the 3 versions of figures online

Printing HTML and PDF versions of articles available

Browsing View the contents of HighWire Press

Searching Search the contents of HighWire Press



'I wish to thank everyone with a role in producing this most excellent web site for your readers, it is amazing and a most welcome technological advance. I am truly blown away! In this day and age of an explosion of literature it is impossible to keep up to date but HighWire has made it easier to try'
A doctor

'I just want to say how useful the HighWire site is… I find that the ease of use helps my literature research tremendously and I like even more the option for direct download of the citation to EndNote. This is great… congratulations and THANK YOU for a wonderful service'
Assistant Professor of Biology, James Madison University

'Thanks for HighWire. It's number one for my scientific searches; being able to search the entire text is a significant advance.'
National Cancer Institute researcher

'I remain shocked and impressed with the fabulous rate at which you are adding useful new tools: citation mapping, instant indexing, post search rephrasing, search within results and more all the time… I couldn't approach the volume of work we deliver or the speed at which we are able to do so without HighWire and the innovative tools it provides.
A researcher

The HighWire site is so simple, so easy to use, and totally understandable. I love it… The searches generate accurate, appropriate results, no useless jargon articles… your attention to detail makes it so the user doesn't have to focus on detail… it's just so perfect…
Third year student of molecular biology, University of Guelph




If you have any query regarding the migration of our online content to the HighWire H2O platform, please email