HTML5 Interactive PDF Reader now available on Interface

Royal Society Publishing is pleased to announce that Journal of the Royal Society Interface now offers a HTML5 Interactive PDF Reader to enhance the reading experience of our users.

Reading a research article is often far from passive, and generally a paper is skimmed for relevance and overall content to determine whether or not detailed study is warranted.  Most researchers mark sections of text, writing critical comments or notes to themselves. The development of HTML5 technology has paved the way for a new generation of researcher tools, and we are delighted to partner with colwiz to bring you this new tool on the cutting edge of science publishing.

The Interactive PDF Reader is powered by colwiz, and will allow users to open a PDF within their web browser and add their own highlights and comments to Interface articles for the first time. To save their comments, users will need to have a colwiz account, which is easy to create and free of charge. You can see the Reader in action by clicking on “View Interactive PDF” in this article:

Stuart Taylor, Commercial Director at the Royal Society, said “as we approach the 350th anniversary of the world’s first science journal, Royal Society Publishing continues the spirit of innovation in the field of scholarly communication. colwiz is an impressive system for building collaborative networks of researchers through their published work and we are delighted to explore how it can benefit our authors and readers”.

Please note that, to the best of our knowledge, the following browsers support HTML5. If your browser does not support HTML5, you will not be able to see the “Interactive PDF” button on Interface articles and you will need to upgrade your browser to use the Interactive Reader.

  • Chrome 22 onwards
  • Firefox 22 onwards
  • Safari 5.1.7 onwards
  • Opera 12 onwards
  • Internet Explorer 11 onwards

We welcome your thoughts on our latest developments so please get in touch with your feedback.