Text and Data Mining

The Royal Society supports the stance that the right to read is the right to mine. We believe that the ability to use computers to extract information from scholarly material is one of many tools available to researchers, and we support this activity on our journals.

Members of subscribing institutions and readers of open access articles have our permission to mine journal content in accordance with our usage terms and conditions. We ask that you respect the copyright of the original papers, and where possible cite original works when you reuse them.


When we say text and data mining, we are referring to the process of using a computer to identify and collect materials hosted on the web, and the subsequent analysis of the collected materials.

Please also bear in mind that our servers have finite capacity, and to help us manage the system load we ask that you let us know when you intend to carry out any mining activity. Our technology provider sets a limit on downloads from our sites, beyond which an automatic lock-out is triggered. By working together, we can help you to complete your project and achieve your research goals without being blocked by technical restrictions.

By telling us of your intention to mine you are agreeing to comply with our usage terms and conditions.