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Correction to ‘Introduced bees (Osmia cornifrons) collect pollen from both coevolved and novel host-plant species within their family-level phylogenetic preferences’


R. Soc. Open Sci.7, 200225 (published Online 22 July 2020) (doi:10.1098/rsos.200225)

This correction concerns figure 1. The plant genus on the x-axis was given as ‘Eubus’ instead of ‘Rubus’. This has now been corrected.

Figure 1.

Figure 1. Osmia cornifrons larval provision host-plant genera by landscape coloured by plant family. Data in left panel are mean relative read abundances ± s.e. Boxes outlined in black are East-Asian origin. Right panel indicates proportions of pollen collected from East-Asian and/or Rosaceae/Fabaceae pollen versus not. Note that Rosaceae genera are the most represented across all landscapes and East-Asian abundances vary by landscape.