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Themed issues covering cross-disciplinary research at the interface between the physical and life sciences
<p>A high resolution SEM image of the tip of single gecko hair, where the branches and spatulate tips are well seen. The hair itself is an excellent example of the biological composite material. See ‘Interaction of a non-axisymmetric artificial single spatula with rough surfaces’ by Qian Cheng, Zhizhen Jiang, Feodor M. Borodich, Stanislav N. Gorb, and Xiaoqing Jin in this issue. (<a href=""></a>). Image by Stanislav Gorb.</p>

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Professor Russell Foster CBE FRS
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Interface Focus

Each Interface Focus themed issue is devoted to a particular subject at the interface of the physical and life sciences. Formed of high-quality articles, they aim to facilitate cross-disciplinary research across this traditional divide by acting as a forum accessible to all. Topics may be newly emerging areas of research or dynamic aspects of more established fields.

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