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<p>The photo shows Heim glacier, Greenland as it flows from the ice sheet into the ocean. The ice navigates through several nunatak rock outcrops and becomes progressively fractured until it breaks off into the ocean. The negotiation of glacier ice across rocks is the topic of the paper “Subtemperate regelation exhibits power-law premelting” in this issue, where Meyer and colleagues analyze the role of temperature in setting rate of melting and refreezing through bedrock bumps. The photo of Heim glacier was taken by Meyer from a helicopter using a Sony alpha A6500 camera with minimal editing. See the article “Subtemperate regelation exhibits power-law premelting” by Colin R. Meyer, Julia Bellamy, and Alan W. Rempel published in�<i>Proc. R. Soc. A</i>�(<a href=""></a>).</p>

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