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Special feature: Insect Decline

Insect Decline organised by Martin Gossner, Florian Menzel and Nadja Simons

Opinion piece
Unravelling insect declines: can space replace time?
Published:20 April 2022Article ID:20210666

Research articles
More winners than losers over 12 years of monitoring tiger moths (Erebidae: Arctiinae) on Barro Colorado Island, Panama
Published:06 April 2022Article ID:20210519

Research articles
Tropical ant community responses to experimental soil warming
Published:06 April 2022Article ID:20210518

Animal behaviour

Review articles
How to behave when marooned: the behavioural component of the island syndrome remains underexplored
Published:20 April 2022Article ID:20220030

Research articles
Forced proximity promotes the formation of enduring cooperative relationships in vampire bats
Published:06 April 2022Article ID:20220056

Community ecology

Research articles
Dietary isotopes of Madagascar's extinct megafauna reveal Holocene browsing and grazing guilds
Published:13 April 2022Article ID:20220094

Evolutionary biology

Research articles
Large abdominal mechanoreceptive sense organs in small plant-dwelling insects
Published:13 April 2022Article ID:20220078

Research articles
Ocean acidification alters sperm responses to egg-derived chemicals in a broadcast spawning mussel
Published:06 April 2022Article ID:20220042

Research articles
Parasite resistance and parasite tolerance: insights into transgenerational immune priming in an invertebrate host
Published:06 April 2022Article ID:20220018

Marine biology

Research articles
Bioinformatic prediction of putative metallothioneins in non-ciliate protists
Published:13 April 2022Article ID:20220039

Research articles
Sampling multiple life stages significantly increases estimates of marine biodiversity
Published:13 April 2022Article ID:20210596


Research articles
Evolution of amniote dentine apposition rates
Published:27 April 2022Article ID:20220092

Opinion piece
Body-axis organization in tetrapods: a model-system to disentangle the developmental origins of convergent evolution in deep time
Published:06 April 2022Article ID:20220047

Pathogen biology

Research articles
Parasite-associated mortality in birds: the roles of specialist parasites and host evolutionary distance
Published:13 April 2022Article ID:20210575


Research articles
A fungal symbiont converts provisioned cellulose into edible yield for its leafcutter ant farmers
Published:20 April 2022Article ID:20220022

Research articles
Cool birds: first evidence of energy-saving nocturnal torpor in free-living common swifts Apus apus resting in their nests
Published:13 April 2022Article ID:20210675

Population ecology

Research articles
Dietary shifts may underpin the recovery of a large carnivore population
Published:27 April 2022Article ID:20210676