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Animal behaviour

Research articles
Age-dependent genetic variation in aggression
Published:25 January 2023Article ID:20220456

Research articles
Hunger affects cognitive performance of dairy calves
Published:18 January 2023Article ID:20220475

Research articles
Social learning in a nocturnal marsupial: is it a possum-ability?
Published:18 January 2023Article ID:20220460

Community ecology

Research articles
An invasive ant increases deformed wing virus loads in honey bees
Published:18 January 2023Article ID:20220416

Research articles
Irrigated urban trees exhibit greater functional trait plasticity compared to natural stands
Published:04 January 2023Article ID:20220448

Evolutionary biology

Research articles
Rapid evolution of diet choice in an introduced population of Trinidadian guppies
Published:25 January 2023Article ID:20220443

Research articles
Larger genomes show improved buffering of adult fitness against environmental stress in seed beetles
Published:25 January 2023Article ID:20220450

Research articles
Heterogeneous distribution of sex ratio distorters in natural populations of the isopod Armadillidium vulgare
Published:11 January 2023Article ID:20220457

Research articles
Life history in primate teeth is revealed by changes in major and minor element concentrations measured via field-emission SEM-EDS analysis
Published:18 January 2023Article ID:20220438

Global change biology

Opinion piece
Amending the literature through version control
Published:18 January 2023Article ID:20220463

Marine biology

Research articles
Settlement cue selectivity by larvae of the destructive crown-of-thorns starfish
Published:25 January 2023Article ID:20220399

Research articles
Directional hydrophone clusters reveal evasive responses of small cetaceans to disturbance during construction at offshore windfarms
Published:18 January 2023Article ID:20220101


Research articles
Elbow-joint morphology in the North American ‘cheetah-like’ cat Miracinonyx trumani
Published:25 January 2023Article ID:20220483

Pathogen biology

Research articles
Discovery of novel papillomaviruses in the critically endangered Malayan and Chinese pangolins
Published:04 January 2023Article ID:20220464


Research articles
The unbearable uncertainty of panarthropod relationships
Published:11 January 2023Article ID:20220497


Research articles
Postural, pilo-erective and evaporative thermal windows of the short-beaked echidna (Tachyglossus aculeatus)
Published:18 January 2023Article ID:20220495