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Theme issue ‘Bioinformatics in Latin America: ISCB-LA SOIBIO RMB Symposium 2020’ organized by Alejandra Medina Rivera, Maribel Hernández Rosales, Diane Kovats, Javier De Las Rivas, Diego Ortega-Del Vecchyo, Yalbi Balderas, Selene Fernández Valverde, Allan Orozco, Bel Hanson, Seth Munholland and Cath Brooksbank


Bioinformatics in Latin America: ISCB-LA SOIBIO RMB Symposium 2020
Published:11 June 2021Article ID:20210038


Research articles
GSER (a Genome Size Estimator using R): a pipeline for quality assessment of sequenced genome libraries through genome size estimation
Published:11 June 2021Article ID:20200077

Research articles
Integrated synteny- and similarity-based inference on the polyploidization–fractionation cycle
Published:11 June 2021Article ID:20200059

Research articles
Alignments of biomolecular contact maps
Published:11 June 2021Article ID:20200066

Research articles
FGGA-lnc: automatic gene ontology annotation of lncRNA sequences based on secondary structures
Published:11 June 2021Article ID:20200064

Research articles
Automated generation of context-specific gene regulatory networks with a weighted approach in Drosophila melanogaster
Published:11 June 2021Article ID:20200076

Research articles
Logical modelling of in vitro differentiation of human monocytes into dendritic cells unravels novel transcriptional regulatory interactions
Published:11 June 2021Article ID:20200061

Research articles
Highly connected, non-redundant microRNA functional control in breast cancer molecular subtypes
Published:11 June 2021Article ID:20200073

Research articles
Glioblastoma multiforme: a multi-omics analysis of driver genes and tumour heterogeneity
Published:11 June 2021Article ID:20200072

Research articles
Testing the genomic stability of the Brazilian yellow fever vaccine strain using next-generation sequencing data
Published:11 June 2021Article ID:20200063

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