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A special issue ‘Remembering James Petiver’ organized and edited by Richard Coulton and Charles E Jarvis


    Published:06 May 2020Page(s): NP-NP



    ‘What he hath gather'd together shall not be lost’: remembering James Petiver
    Published:06 May 2020Page(s): 189-211


    Research articles
    James Petiver's apothecary practice and the consumption of American drugs in early modern London
    Published:01 April 2020Page(s): 213-238

    Research articles
    James Petiver's ‘joynt-stock’: middling agency in urban collecting networks
    Published:05 February 2020Page(s): 239-258

    Research articles
    James Petiver's ‘Kind Friends’ and ‘Curious Persons’ in the Atlantic World: commerce, colonialism and collecting
    Published:23 October 2019Page(s): 259-274

    Research articles
    James Petiver's 1717 Papilionum Britanniae: an analysis of the first comprehensive account of British butterflies (Lepidoptera: Papilionoidea)
    Published:22 April 2020Page(s): 275-302

    Research articles
    ‘The most common grass, rush, moss, fern, thistles, thorns or vilest weeds you can find’: James Petiver's plants
    Published:27 November 2019Page(s): 303-328

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