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Biochemistry and biophysics

Research article
Construction of a junction DNA nanostructure and modulation of the junction switching to quadruplexes
Published:20 December 2017Article ID:171337

Research article
Three-dimensional Co3O4@MWNTs nanocomposite with enhanced electrochemical performance for nonenzymatic glucose biosensors and biofuel cells
Published:20 December 2017Article ID:170991

Research article
Bacterial bioluminescence onset and quenching: a dynamical model for a quorum sensing-mediated property
Published:13 December 2017Article ID:171586

Biology (whole organism)

Research article
Triggerfish uses chromaticity and lightness for object segregation
Published:20 December 2017Article ID:171440

Research article
Ecological and evolutionary significance of a lack of capacity for extended developmental arrest in crocodilian eggs
Published:20 December 2017Article ID:171439

Research article
The muscle development transcriptome landscape of ovariectomized goat
Published:20 December 2017Article ID:171415

Research article
Heart rate reveals torpor at high body temperatures in lowland tropical free-tailed bats
Published:20 December 2017Article ID:171359

Research article
Tongues on the EDGE: language preservation priorities based on threat and lexical distinctiveness
Published:13 December 2017Article ID:171218

Research article
Smoking status and attractiveness among exemplar and prototypical identical twins discordant for smoking
Published:13 December 2017Article ID:161076

Research article
Beaked whales demonstrate a marked acoustic response to the use of shipboard echosounders
Published:13 December 2017Article ID:170940

Research article
Atypical experiences of captive chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes) are associated with higher hair cortisol concentrations as adults
Published:13 December 2017Article ID:170932

Research article
Genotype-specific relationships among phosphorus use, growth and abundance in Daphnia pulicaria
Published:13 December 2017Article ID:170770

Research article
Hovering in the heat: effects of environmental temperature on heat regulation in foraging hummingbirds
Published:06 December 2017Article ID:171056

Research article
The genus Gennadas (Benthesicymidae: Decapoda): morphology of copulatory characters, phylogeny and coevolution of genital structures
Published:06 December 2017Article ID:171288

Research article
13C and 15N assimilation and organic matter translocation by the endolithic community in the massive coral Porites lutea
Published:06 December 2017Article ID:171201

Research article
Neutral genetic variation in adult Chinook salmon (Oncorhynchus tshawytscha) affects brain-to-body trade-off and brain laterality
Published:06 December 2017Article ID:170989

Research article
Characterization of puma–livestock conflicts in rangelands of central Argentina
Published:06 December 2017Article ID:170852

Research article
Anxiety-like behaviour increases safety from fish predation in an amphipod crustacea
Published:06 December 2017Article ID:171558

Research article
Distribution, composition and functions of gelatinous tissues in deep-sea fishes
Published:06 December 2017Article ID:171063

Research article
Seasonality and pathogen transmission in pastoral cattle contact networks
Published:06 December 2017Article ID:170808

Research article
Considering behaviour to ensure the success of a disease control strategy
Published:06 December 2017Article ID:170721

Research article
Acoustic monitoring of coastal dolphins and their response to naval mine neutralization exercises
Published:06 December 2017Article ID:170558

Cellular and molecular biology

Research article
Lineage-independent retrotransposition of UTP14 associated with male fertility has occurred multiple times throughout mammalian evolution
Published:20 December 2017Article ID:171049


Published in collaboration with the Royal Society of Chemistry

Research article
Effect of reaction solvent on hydroxyapatite synthesis in sol–gel process
Published:20 December 2017Article ID:171098

Research article
From two-dimensional graphene oxide to three-dimensional honeycomb-like Ni3S2@graphene oxide composite: insight into structure and electrocatalytic properties
Published:20 December 2017Article ID:171409

Research article
Synthesis and luminescent properties of uniform monodisperse LuPO4:Eu3+/Tb3+ hollow microspheres
Published:20 December 2017Article ID:171451

Research article
TiO2 nanowire-templated hierarchical nanowire network as water-repelling coating
Published:20 December 2017Article ID:171431

Research article
Enhancing the efficiency of planar heterojunction perovskite solar cells via interfacial engineering with 3-aminopropyl trimethoxy silane hydrolysate
Published:20 December 2017Article ID:170980

Research article
Synthesis of hydrophilic and hydrophobic carbon quantum dots from waste of wine fermentation
Published:20 December 2017Article ID:170900

Research article
Effect of polyamide 6 on the morphology and electrical conductivity of carbon black-filled polypropylene composites
Published:20 December 2017Article ID:170769

Research article
An electronic device based on gold nanoparticles and tetraruthenated porphyrin as an electrochemical sensor for catechol
Published:20 December 2017Article ID:170675

Research article
Adsorption and photocatalysis for methyl orange and Cd removal from wastewater using TiO2/sewage sludge-based activated carbon nanocomposites
Published:13 December 2017Article ID:170834

Research article
Preparation of new diatomite–chitosan composite materials and their adsorption properties and mechanism of Hg(II)
Published:13 December 2017Article ID:170829

Research article
Synthesis and hydrogenation application of Pt–Pd bimetallic nanocatalysts stabilized by macrocycle-modified dendrimer
Published:13 December 2017Article ID:171414

Research article
New composite thixotropic hydrogel composed of a polymer hydrogelator and a nanosheet
Published:13 December 2017Article ID:171117

Research article
Semisynthesis and insecticidal activity of some novel fraxinellone-based thioethers containing 1,3,4-oxadiazole moiety
Published:13 December 2017Article ID:171053

Research article
Dispersing hydrophobic natural colourant β-carotene in shellac particles for enhanced stability and tunable colour
Published:13 December 2017Article ID:170919

Review article
Quantifying intermolecular interactions of ionic liquids using cohesive energy densities
Published:06 December 2017Article ID:171223

Research article
Manganese molybdate nanoflakes on silicon microchannel plates as novel nano energetic material
Published:06 December 2017Article ID:171229

Research article
Investigating the geometrical preferences of a flexible benzimidazolone-based linker in the synthesis of coordination polymers
Published:06 December 2017Article ID:171064

Research article
The adsorption features between insecticidal crystal protein and nano-Mg(OH)2
Published:06 December 2017Article ID:170883

Research article
Complex interplay of interatomic bonding in a multi-component pyrophosphate crystal: K2Mg (H2P2O7)2·2H2O
Published:06 December 2017Article ID:170982

Research article
Theoretical, thermodynamic and electrochemical analysis of biotin drug as an impending corrosion inhibitor for mild steel in 15% hydrochloric acid
Published:06 December 2017Article ID:170933

Earth science

Research article
Deepest and hottest hydrothermal activity in the Okinawa Trough: the Yokosuka site at Yaeyama Knoll
Published:20 December 2017Article ID:171570


Research article
Investigation on an ammonia supply system for flue gas denitrification of low-speed marine diesel
Published:20 December 2017Article ID:171469

Research article
Hydrothermally synthesized PZT film grown in highly concentrated KOH solution with large electromechanical coupling coefficient for resonator
Published:20 December 2017Article ID:171363

Research article
Microwave-assisted direct synthesis of butene from high-selectivity methane
Published:20 December 2017Article ID:171367

Research article
Energy recovery from tubular microbial electrolysis cell with stainless steel mesh as cathode
Published:20 December 2017Article ID:170967

Research article
A brittle star-like robot capable of immediately adapting to unexpected physical damage
Published:13 December 2017Article ID:171200

Research article
Ferrofluid lubrication of circular squeeze film bearings controlled by variable magnetic field with rotations of the discs, porosity and slip velocity
Published:13 December 2017Article ID:170254

Research article
Numerical simulations of targeted delivery of magnetic drug aerosols in the human upper and central respiratory system: a validation study
Published:06 December 2017Article ID:170873

Research article
Quantifying team cooperation through intrinsic multi-scale measures: respiratory and cardiac synchronization in choir singers and surgical teams
Published:06 November 2017Article ID:170853


Research article
Spatial utilization predicts animal social contact networks are not scale-free
Published:13 December 2017Article ID:171209

Research article
The reproducibility of research and the misinterpretation of p-values
Published:06 December 2017Article ID:171085

Research article
Kidnapping model: an extension of Selten's game
Published:06 December 2017Article ID:171484


Research article
Multiple scaling behaviour and nonlinear traits in music scores
Published:13 December 2017Article ID:171282

Research article
Transition from fractional to classical Stokes–Einstein behaviour in simple fluids
Published:13 December 2017Article ID:170507

Psychology and cognitive neuroscience

Registered report
Radical framing effects in the ultimatum game: the impact of explicit culturally transmitted frames on economic decision-making
Published:20 December 2017Article ID:170543

Research article
Cognitive bias modification for facial interpretation: a randomized controlled trial of transfer to self-report and cognitive measures in a healthy sample
Published:13 December 2017Article ID:170681

Research article
Evidence for a sex effect during overimitation: boys copy irrelevant modelled actions more than girls across cultures
Published:06 December 2017Article ID:170367

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