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Biochemistry and biophysics

Research articles
In silico simulation of a clinical trial with anti-CTLA-4 and anti-PD-L1 immunotherapies in metastatic breast cancer using a systems pharmacology model
Published:22 May 2019Article ID:190366

Research articles
Identification of AtHsp90.6 involved in early embryogenesis and its structure prediction by molecular dynamics simulations
Published:01 May 2019Article ID:190219

Research articles
Gentamicin-loaded silk/nanosilver composite scaffolds for MRSA-induced chronic osteomyelitis
Published:01 May 2019Article ID:182102

Biology (whole organism)

Research articles
Examining human–carnivore interactions using a socio-ecological framework: sympatric wild canids in India as a case study
Published:29 May 2019Article ID:182008

Research articles
Advantages of social skills for contest resolution
Published:29 May 2019Article ID:181456

Research articles
RADseq analyses reveal concordant Indian Ocean biogeographic and phylogeographic boundaries in the reef fish Dascyllus trimaculatus
Published:29 May 2019Article ID:172413

Research articles
Taxonomy and conservation of grassland earless dragons: new species and an assessment of the first possible extinction of a reptile on mainland Australia
Published:22 May 2019Article ID:190233

Research articles
Leishmaniasis in Eurasia and Africa: geographical distribution of vector species and pathogens
Published:22 May 2019Article ID:190334

Research articles
Differences in stress reactivity between zebrafish with alternative stress coping styles
Published:22 May 2019Article ID:181797

Research articles
Eyes on the size: accuracy of visual length estimates of white sharks, Carcharodon carcharias
Published:22 May 2019Article ID:190456

Research articles
Suction-induced habitat selection in sand bubbler crabs
Published:22 May 2019Article ID:190088

Research articles
Oil adsorption does not structurally or functionally alter whale baleen
Published:22 May 2019Article ID:182194

Research articles
The variability of song variability in zebra finch (Taeniopygia guttata) populations
Published:15 May 2019Article ID:190273

Research articles
Using 3D modelling and printing to study avian cognition from different geometric dimensions
Published:15 May 2019Article ID:181938

Research articles
Direct measurement of swimming and diving kinematics of giant Atlantic bluefin tuna (Thunnus thynnus)
Published:08 May 2019Article ID:190203

Research articles
The impact of pelvic lateral rotation on hindlimb kinematics and stride length in the red-legged running frog, Kassina maculata
Published:08 May 2019Article ID:190060

Research articles
Social organization of a solitary carnivore: spatial behaviour, interactions and relatedness in the slender mongoose
Published:08 May 2019Article ID:182160

Research articles
Pathobiological features favouring the intercontinental dissemination of highly pathogenic avian influenza virus
Published:08 May 2019Article ID:190276

Research articles
Correlated evolution of neck length and leg length in birds
Published:08 May 2019Article ID:181588

Research articles
Where and what? Frugivory is associated with more efficient foraging in three semi-free ranging primate species
Published:01 May 2019Article ID:181722

Research articles
Acherontiscus caledoniae: the earliest heterodont and durophagous tetrapod
Published:01 May 2019Article ID:182087


Published in collaboration with the Royal Society of Chemistry

Research articles
Preparation of high-performance polyethylene tubes under the coexistence of silicone cross-linked polyethylene and rotation extrusion
Published:29 May 2019Article ID:182095

Research articles
Original plant traceability of Dendrobium species using multi-spectroscopy fusion and mathematical models
Published:22 May 2019Article ID:190399

Research articles
Electrochemical characterization of manganese oxides as a water oxidation catalyst in proton exchange membrane electrolysers
Published:22 May 2019Article ID:190122

Research articles
Facile fabrication and characterization on alginate microfibres with grooved structure via microfluidic spinning
Published:22 May 2019Article ID:181928

Research articles
The efficiency of migration and profile control with emulsion systems in class III reservoirs
Published:22 May 2019Article ID:181634

Research articles
UV185+254 nm photolysis of typical thiol collectors: decomposition efficiency, mineralization and formation of sulfur byproducts
Published:22 May 2019Article ID:190123

Research articles
A hollow mesoporous carbon from metal-organic framework for robust adsorbability of ibuprofen drug in water
Published:22 May 2019Article ID:190058

Research articles
Preparation of aminated chitosan microspheres by one-pot method and their adsorption properties for dye wastewater
Published:15 May 2019Article ID:182226

Research articles
Enhancement of optical force acting on vesicles via the binding of gold nanoparticles
Published:15 May 2019Article ID:190293

Research articles
Investigation on the compositions of unsymmetrical dimethylhydrazine treatment with different oxidants using solid-phase micro-extraction-gas chromatography–mass spectrometer
Published:08 May 2019Article ID:190263

Research articles
Mie scattering and microparticle-based characterization of heavy metal ions and classification by statistical inference methods
Published:08 May 2019Article ID:190001

Research articles
Incorporation of surface-modified hydroxyapatite into poly(methyl methacrylate) to improve biological activity and bone ingrowth
Published:08 May 2019Article ID:182060

Research articles
The thermoelectric properties of Au nanoparticle-incorporated Al-doped mesoporous ZnO thin films
Published:08 May 2019Article ID:181799

Research articles
Eley–Rideal model of heterogeneous catalytic carbamate formation based on CO2–MEA absorptions with CaCO3, MgCO3 and BaCO3
Published:01 May 2019Article ID:190311

Research articles
Electiveness of agro-pulping process in the sustainable production of black liquor-based activated carbons
Published:01 May 2019Article ID:190173

Research articles
Continuous flow hydrogenation of methyl and ethyl levulinate: an alternative route to γ-valerolactone production
Published:01 May 2019Article ID:182233

Research articles
Effect of chemical additives on electrokinetic remediation of Cr-contaminated soil coupled with a permeable reactive barrier
Published:01 May 2019Article ID:182138

Research articles
Polysilazane as a new foaming agent to prepare high-strength, low-density epoxy foam
Published:01 May 2019Article ID:182119

Research articles
Physico-chemical characterization of caesium and strontium using fluorescent intensity of bacteria in a microfluidic platform
Published:01 May 2019Article ID:182069

Research articles
Facile immobilization of glucose oxidase onto gold nanostars with enhanced binding affinity and optimal function
Published:01 May 2019Article ID:190205

Fake science and the knowledge crisis: ignorance can be fatal
Published:01 May 2019Article ID:190161

Research articles
Interactions between gas–liquid mass transfer and bubble behaviours
Published:01 May 2019Article ID:190136

Research articles
Synthesis and characterization of silver nanoparticle-decorated cobalt nanocomposites (Co@AgNPs) and their density-dependent antibacterial activity
Published:01 May 2019Article ID:182135

Earth science

Research articles
Conditions for transient epidemics of waterborne disease in spatially explicit systems
Published:22 May 2019Article ID:181517

Research articles
Scenario-led modelling of broadleaf forest expansion in Wales
Published:22 May 2019Article ID:190026


Research articles
Establishment of the falling film evaporation model and correlation of the overall heat transfer coefficient
Published:29 May 2019Article ID:190135

Research articles
The science underlying frugal innovations should not be frugal
Published:22 May 2019Article ID:180421

Research articles
Fabrication of novel bone haemostasis sheet by using sugar-containing hydroxyapatite and plant-derived polymer
Published:08 May 2019Article ID:181649

Research articles
Investigation of the influence mechanism of rock damage on rock fragmentation and cutting performance by the discrete element method
Published:01 May 2019Article ID:190116

Research articles
Gap initiation with 20.35 mm: an initiator integrating the Al/CuOx multilayer film and traditional electronic plug to enhance the ignition ability
Published:01 May 2019Article ID:181686


A more principled use of the p-value? Not so fast: a critique of Colquhoun’s argument
Published:15 May 2019Article ID:181519

Research articles
On the linear in probability model for binary data
Published:01 May 2019Article ID:190067

Psychology and cognitive neuroscience

Research articles
Data-driven mathematical model of East-Asian facial attractiveness: the relative contributions of shape and reflectance to attractiveness judgements
Published:29 May 2019Article ID:182189

Review articles
Communicating uncertainty about facts, numbers and science
Published:08 May 2019Article ID:181870

Registered report
Competition for novelty reduces information sampling in a research game - a registered report
Published:01 May 2019Article ID:180934

Research articles
Prestige and dominance-based hierarchies exist in naturally occurring human groups, but are unrelated to task-specific knowledge
Published:01 May 2019Article ID:181621