Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences
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Review articles

Review articles
Do traits separated by metamorphosis evolve independently? Concepts and methods
Published:10 April 2019Article ID:20190445

Review articles
Processing bias: extending sensory drive to include efficacy and efficiency in information processing
Published:03 April 2019Article ID:20190165


Research articles
Parental care and the evolution of terrestriality in frogs
Published:10 April 2019Article ID:20182737

Research articles
Joint attention skills in wild Arabian babblers (Turdoides squamiceps): a consequence of cooperative breeding?
Published:03 April 2019Article ID:20190147

Research articles
Nocturnal flight-calling behaviour predicts vulnerability to artificial light in migratory birds
Published:03 April 2019Article ID:20190364

Research articles
Human-induced reductions in fish predator boldness decrease their predation rates in kelp forests
Published:03 April 2019Article ID:20182745

Development and physiology

Research articles
Polar gigantism and the oxygen–temperature hypothesis: a test of upper thermal limits to body size in Antarctic pycnogonids
Published:10 April 2019Article ID:20190124


Research articles
Effects of landscape complexity on pollinators are moderated by pollinators' association with mass-flowering crops
Published:10 April 2019Article ID:20190387

Research articles
Male density, a signal for population self-regulation in Alligator sinensis
Published:10 April 2019Article ID:20190191

Research articles
Exogenous glucocorticoids amplify the costs of infection by reducing resistance and tolerance, but effects are mitigated by co-infection
Published:10 April 2019Article ID:20182913

Research articles
The shaping role of self-organization: linking vegetation patterning, plant traits and ecosystem functioning
Published:10 April 2019Article ID:20182859

Research articles
Male-only care and cuckoldry in black coucals: does parenting hamper sex life?
Published:10 April 2019Article ID:20182789

Research articles
Common Caribbean corals exhibit highly variable responses to future acidification and warming
Published:03 April 2019Article ID:20182840


Research articles
Sexual ornaments but not weapons trade off against testes size in primates
Published:10 April 2019Article ID:20182542

Research articles
Slower senescence in a wild insect population in years with a more female-biased sex ratio
Published:03 April 2019Article ID:20190286

Research articles
Shifts along the parasite–mutualist continuum are opposed by fundamental trade-offs
Published:03 April 2019Article ID:20190236

Research articles
Stochastic processes drive rapid genomic divergence during experimental range expansions
Published:03 April 2019Article ID:20190231

Research articles
Spatial reciprocity in the evolution of cooperation
Published:03 April 2019Article ID:20190041

Research articles
Winners have higher pre-copulatory mating success but losers have better post-copulatory outcomes
Published:03 April 2019Article ID:20182838

Research articles
Why is Amazonia a ‘source’ of biodiversity? Climate-mediated dispersal and synchronous speciation across the Andes in an avian group (Tityrinae)
Published:03 April 2019Article ID:20182343

Genetics and genomics

Research articles
The history, genome and biology of NCTC 30: a non-pandemic Vibrio cholerae isolate from World War One
Published:10 April 2019Article ID:20182025

Research articles
Genomics overrules mitochondrial DNA, siding with morphology on a controversial case of species delimitation
Published:03 April 2019Article ID:20182924

Global change and conservation

Research articles
Lethal and sublethal synergistic effects of a new systemic pesticide, flupyradifurone (Sivanto®), on honeybees
Published:10 April 2019Article ID:20190433

Research articles
Background mortality drivers of European tree species: climate change matters
Published:10 April 2019Article ID:20190386

Research articles
The population density of an urban raptor is inextricably tied to human cultural practices
Published:03 April 2019Article ID:20182932

Research articles
Endemic plant species are more palatable to introduced herbivores than non-endemics
Published:03 April 2019Article ID:20190136

Morphology and biomechanics

Research articles
Evidence of a tunable biological spring: elastic energy storage in aponeuroses varies with transverse strain in vivo
Published:10 April 2019Article ID:20182764


Research articles
Morphological evolution in therocephalians breaks the hypercarnivore ratchet
Published:10 April 2019Article ID:20190590

Research articles
A new ophiocistioid with soft-tissue preservation from the Silurian Herefordshire Lagerstätte, and the evolution of the holothurian body plan
Published:10 April 2019Article ID:20182792