Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences
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Review articles

Review articles
Beyond drugs: the evolution of genes involved in human response to medications
Published:23 October 2019Article ID:20191716

Review articles
Predicting population responses to environmental change from individual-level mechanisms: towards a standardized mechanistic approach
Published:16 October 2019Article ID:20191916

Development and physiology

Research articles
Transcriptional analysis of insect extreme freeze tolerance
Published:23 October 2019Article ID:20192019


Research articles
Sex biases in bird and mammal natural history collections
Published:23 October 2019Article ID:20192025

Research articles
Rapid and positive responses of plants to lower precipitation predictability
Published:23 October 2019Article ID:20191486

Research articles
Interactive effects of foundation species on ecosystem functioning and stability in response to disturbance
Published:16 October 2019Article ID:20191857

Research articles
Assessing the multi-pathway threat from an invasive agricultural pest: Tuta absoluta in Asia
Published:16 October 2019Article ID:20191159


Research articles
Altered lentiviral infection dynamics follow genetic rescue of the Florida panther
Published:23 October 2019Article ID:20191689

Research articles
Genetic coupling of signal and preference facilitates sexual isolation during rapid speciation
Published:23 October 2019Article ID:20191607

Research articles
Post-copulatory sexual selection allows females to alleviate the fitness costs incurred when mating with senescing males
Published:23 October 2019Article ID:20191675

Research articles
Ecological opportunity shapes a large Arctic charr species radiation
Published:23 October 2019Article ID:20191992

Research articles
Interspecific hybridization can generate functional novelty in cichlid fish
Published:23 October 2019Article ID:20191621

Research articles
Variation at an adhesin locus suggests sociality in natural populations of the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Published:16 October 2019Article ID:20191948

Research articles
Pleiotropic effects of sex-determining genes in the evolution of dioecy in two plant species
Published:16 October 2019Article ID:20191805

Research articles
Differential female sociality is linked with the fine-scale structure of sexual interactions in replicate groups of red junglefowl, Gallus gallus
Published:16 October 2019Article ID:20191734

Genetics and genomics

Research articles
Carotenoid pigmentation in salmon: variation in expression at BCO2-l locus controls a key fitness trait affecting red coloration
Published:16 October 2019Article ID:20191588

Global change and conservation

Research articles
Cross-scale cooperation enables sustainable use of a common-pool resource
Published:23 October 2019Article ID:20191943

Research articles
Forest-type specialization strongly predicts avian responses to tropical agriculture
Published:23 October 2019Article ID:20191724

Morphology and biomechanics

Research articles
Shear-sensitive adhesion enables size-independent adhesive performance in stick insects
Published:23 October 2019Article ID:20191327

Neuroscience and cognition

Research articles
Sensory gaze stabilization in echolocating bats
Published:16 October 2019Article ID:20191496


Research articles
Synchrotron X-ray absorption spectroscopy of melanosomes in vertebrates and cephalopods: implications for the affinity of Tullimonstrum
Published:23 October 2019Article ID:20191649

Special feature

Research articles
It's what's on the inside that counts: stress physiology and the bacterial microbiome of a wild urban mammal
Published:23 October 2019Article ID:20192111

Review article
Meiotic drive mechanisms: lessons from Drosophila
Published:23 October 2019Article ID:20191430

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