Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences
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Special feature: Despite COVID

Despite COVID: showcasing new research in evolutionary biology from academic mothers and care-givers. Guest edited by Loeske Kruuk, Maurine Neiman and Sarah Brosnan

Research articles
Costly teaching contributes to the acquisition of spear hunting skill among BaYaka forager adolescents
Published:11 May 2022Article ID:20220164

Research articles
No major cost of evolved survivorship in Drosophila melanogaster populations coevolving with Pseudomonas entomophila
Published:04 May 2022Article ID:20220532

Special feature: Wild Quantitative Genomics

Wild Quantitative Genomics: the genomic basis of fitness variation in natural populations edited by Susan Johnston, Nancy Chen and Emily Josephs.

Research articles
Using genomic prediction to detect microevolutionary change of a quantitative trait
Published:11 May 2022Article ID:20220330

Review articles

Review articles
Oscillators and servomechanisms in orientation and navigation, and sometimes in cognition
Published:11 May 2022Article ID:20220237

Review articles
The social transmission of stress in animal collectives
Published:11 May 2022Article ID:20212158

Review articles
The ecology of wealth inequality in animal societies
Published:11 May 2022Article ID:20220500

Biological science practices

Biological science practices
What's in a name? Taxonomic and gender biases in the etymology of new species names
Published:11 May 2022Article ID:20212708


Research articles
Pre-copulatory reproductive behaviours are preserved in Drosophila melanogaster infected with bacteria
Published:11 May 2022Article ID:20220492

Research articles
Dancing drives evolution of sexual size dimorphism in manakins
Published:04 May 2022Article ID:20212540

Research articles
Unravelling the causes and consequences of dispersal syndromes in a wild passerine
Published:04 May 2022Article ID:20220068

Research articles
Plasticity in social behaviour varies with reproductive status in an avian cooperative breeder
Published:04 May 2022Article ID:20220355


Research articles
Cross-kingdom interactions and functional patterns of active microbiota matter in governing deadwood decay
Published:11 May 2022Article ID:20220130

Research articles
Seabird diversity and biomass enhance cross-ecosystem nutrient subsidies
Published:11 May 2022Article ID:20220195

Research articles
Large-herbivore nemabiomes: patterns of parasite diversity and sharing
Published:11 May 2022Article ID:20212702

Research articles
A sterol-mediated gleaner–opportunist trade-off underlies the evolution of grazer resistance to cyanobacteria
Published:11 May 2022Article ID:20220178

Research articles
Scared to evolve? Non-consumptive effects drive rapid adaptive evolution in a natural prey population
Published:04 May 2022Article ID:20220188

Research articles
The source of individual heterogeneity shapes infectious disease outbreaks
Published:04 May 2022Article ID:20220232


Research articles
A genome-wide test for paternal indirect genetic effects on lifespan in Drosophila melanogaster
Published:11 May 2022Article ID:20212707

Research articles
Genetic assimilation and the evolution of direction of genital asymmetry in anablepid fishes
Published:11 May 2022Article ID:20220266

Research articles
Increasing temporal variance leads to stable species range limits
Published:11 May 2022Article ID:20220202

Research articles
Thermal regime during parental sexual maturation, but not during offspring rearing, modulates DNA methylation in brook charr (Salvelinus fontinalis)
Published:04 May 2022Article ID:20220670

Research articles
Genetic architecture of adaptive radiation across two trophic levels
Published:04 May 2022Article ID:20220377

Research articles
Heterosis counteracts hybrid breakdown to forestall speciation by parallel natural selection
Published:04 May 2022Article ID:20220422

Research articles
Stochastic establishment of β-lactam-resistant Escherichia coli mutants reveals conditions for collective resistance
Published:04 May 2022Article ID:20212486

Genetics and genomics

Research articles
Clock-linked genes underlie seasonal migratory timing in a diurnal raptor
Published:04 May 2022Article ID:20212507

Research articles
Geographically diverse canid sampling provides novel insights into pre-industrial microbiomes
Published:04 May 2022Article ID:20220052

Global change and conservation

Research articles
Interactions among multiple stressors vary with exposure duration and biological response
Published:11 May 2022Article ID:20220348

Neuroscience and cognition

Research articles
Neural activity patterns differ between learning contexts in a social fish
Published:04 May 2022Article ID:20220135


Research articles
Heterochrony and parallel evolution of echinoderm, hemichordate and cephalochordate internal bars
Published:11 May 2022Article ID:20220258

Research articles
Miocene fossils from the southeastern Pacific shed light on the last radiation of marine crocodylians
Published:11 May 2022Article ID:20220380