Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences
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Biological applications

Research articles
Direct evidence of increased natural mortality of a wild fish caused by parasite spillback from domestic conspecifics
Published:25 January 2023Article ID:20221752


Research articles
Ants act as olfactory bio-detectors of tumours in patient-derived xenograft mice
Published:25 January 2023Article ID:20221962

Research articles
Chimpanzees communicate to coordinate a cultural practice
Published:25 January 2023Article ID:20221754

Research articles
The shifting shelf task: a new, non-verbal measure for attentional set shifting
Published:18 January 2023Article ID:20221496


Research articles
Trophic strategies explain the ocean niches of small eukaryotic phytoplankton
Published:25 January 2023Article ID:20222021

Research articles
The island biogeography of human population size
Published:18 January 2023Article ID:20222084

Research articles
DNA methylation dynamics in a coastal foundation seagrass species under abiotic stressors
Published:18 January 2023Article ID:20222197

Research articles
Strong host phylogenetic and ecological effects on host competency for avian influenza in Australian wild birds
Published:18 January 2023Article ID:20222237

Research articles
Diagnosis of helminths depends on worm fecundity and the distribution of parasites within hosts
Published:18 January 2023Article ID:20222204


Research articles
Genetic evidence for widespread population size expansion in North American boreal birds prior to the Last Glacial Maximum
Published:25 January 2023Article ID:20221334

Research articles
The evolution of age-specific resistance to infectious disease
Published:25 January 2023Article ID:20222000

Research articles
Mutations in coral soma and sperm imply lifelong stem cell renewal and cell lineage selection
Published:18 January 2023Article ID:20221766

Research articles
Macroevolution of protective coloration across caterpillars reflects relationships with host plants
Published:18 January 2023Article ID:20222293

Research articles
The price of defence: toxins, visual signals and oxidative state in an aposematic butterfly
Published:25 January 2023Article ID:20222068

Research articles
Group reciprocity and the evolution of stereotyping
Published:18 January 2023Article ID:20221834

Genetics and genomics

Research articles
Quantitative genetic-by-soil microbiome interactions in a perennial grass affect functional traits
Published:18 January 2023Article ID:20221350

Global change and conservation

Research articles
Marine heatwaves and upwelling shape stress responses in a keystone predator
Published:18 January 2023Article ID:20222262

Research articles
Directional fabrication and dissolution of larval and juvenile oyster shells under ocean acidification
Published:18 January 2023Article ID:20221216

Neuroscience and cognition

Research articles
Unwilling or unable? Using three-dimensional tracking to evaluate dogs' reactions to differing human intentions
Published:25 January 2023Article ID:20221621

Research articles
Visual processing and collective motion-related decision-making in desert locusts
Published:18 January 2023Article ID:20221862

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