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Theme issue ‘Bio-derived and bioinspired sustainable advanced materials for emerging technologies (part 1)’ compiled and edited by Magda Titirici

The way we are currently sourcing and processing advanced materials globally is based on unsustainable practices. Advanced materials are critical enablers for the advancement of technologies across different sectors from energy, aerospace, transport, packaging, healthcare, electronics, textiles, construction, defence, etc. As populations rise and resources diminish, it is imperative we find new ways to balance economic progress with sustainability and zero emissions. Sustainably sourced resources processed into innovative, bioinspired hierarchical materials design can offer the much-needed transition to a more sustainable society. They can contribute to a substantial reduction in CO2 emissions and waste while boosting high-performance technologies and generating high value products. This theme issue brings together experts on the development and deployment of sustainable materials and their applications.

This is the first of two issues on this topic. The second issue published in September 2021 and is available here.

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Review articles
The spider cuticle: a remarkable material toolbox for functional diversity
Published:02 August 2021Article ID:20200332

Opinion piece
Understanding the structural diversity of chitins as a versatile biomaterial
Published:02 August 2021Article ID:20200331

Research articles
Colonization versus encapsulation in cell-laden materials design: porosity and process biocompatibility determine cellularization pathways
Published:02 August 2021Article ID:20200344

Review articles
From vesicles to materials: bioinspired strategies for fabricating hierarchically structured soft matter
Published:02 August 2021Article ID:20200338

Opinion piece
Advanced materials design based on waste wood and bark
Published:02 August 2021Article ID:20200345

Opinion piece
Sustainability in wood materials science: an opinion about current material development techniques and the end of lifetime perspectives
Published:02 August 2021Article ID:20200339

Life cycle assessment (LCA): informing the development of a sustainable circular bioeconomy?
Published:02 August 2021Article ID:20200352

Review articles
A critical review of life cycle assessment studies of woody biomass conversion to sugars
Published:02 August 2021Article ID:20200335

Research articles
How latex film formation and adhesion at the nanoscale correlate to performance of pressure sensitive adhesives with cellulose nanocrystals
Published:02 August 2021Article ID:20200330

Research articles
Palmitic acid sophorolipid biosurfactant: from self-assembled fibrillar network (SAFiN) to hydrogels with fast recovery
Published:02 August 2021Article ID:20200343