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Theo Murphy meeting issue ‘Super-resolution structured illumination microscopy (part 2)’ organised and edited by Kirti Prakash, Benedict Diederich, Stefanie Reichelt, Rainer Heintzmann and Lothar Schermelleh

Super-resolution microscopy has overcome the long-standing diffraction barrier of optical resolution. This has enabled researchers around the world to resolve ever finer structures down to macromolecular distances, to provide more insight into cell biology. Structured illumination microscopy (SIM) accomplishes this by creating moiré interference patterns and through mathematical post-processing, which effectively doubles the resolution in all spatial dimensions. SIM’s unique combination of fast volumetric imaging with multiple colours, while being relatively gentle to the specimen, renders SIM particularly suitable for live-cell observations and has made it a popular choice for biologists. This theme issue presents the latest advances in the growing SIM field, such as instrument and algorithm development and biological application, in a bundled context.

This issue preceded a Royal Society Theo Murphy meeting, which was postponed from May 2020 and held in February 2022. Watch recordings of talks here.

This is the second part of a two-part issue. The first part is available here.

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Super-resolution microscopy: a brief history and new avenues
Published:14 February 2022Article ID:20210110


Answering some questions about structured illumination microscopy
Published:14 February 2022Article ID:20210109

Research articles
Quality control of image sensors using gaseous tritium light sources
Published:14 February 2022Article ID:20210130

Research articles
Polarized illumination coded structured illumination microscopy (picoSIM): experimental results
Published:14 February 2022Article ID:20210193

Research articles
Enabling single-molecule localization microscopy in turbid food emulsions
Published:14 February 2022Article ID:20200164

Opinion piece
The biology of imaging
Published:14 February 2022Article ID:20200389

Research articles
Spatially modulated illumination microscopy: application perspectives in nuclear nanostructure analysis
Published:14 February 2022Article ID:20210152

Research articles
Structured illumination ophthalmoscope: super-resolution microscopy on the living human eye
Published:14 February 2022Article ID:20210151

Research articles
Time-modulated excitation for enhanced single-molecule localization microscopy
Published:14 February 2022Article ID:20200299

Research articles
UCsim2: two-dimensionally structured illumination microscopy using UC2
Published:14 February 2022Article ID:20200148

Research articles
At the molecular resolution with MINFLUX?
Published:14 February 2022Article ID:20200145