Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences
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Theme issue ‘The future of mathematical cosmology, Volume 1’ compiled and edited by Spiros Cotsakis and Alexander P. Yefremov

What are the main achievements in theoretical cosmology in the past 100 years? What is its present status and future prospects? What do we know about the big bang, dark energy, the future of the universe, the shape of spacetime, the multiverse, and the quantum nature of the cosmos? Mathematical cosmology was born in 1917 when Albert Einstein showed us how to build entire universes consistent with the laws of physics. Since then, it has developed into a fascinating field providing explanations for the new data and observations. This theme issue is the first devoted solely to the intricate nature of the universe, and provides a clear outline for future developments in this fundamental area of modern science.

This is the first part of a two-part issue. Part 2 published in July 2022 and can be viewed here.

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100 years of mathematical cosmology: Models, theories, and problems, Part A
Published:14 March 2022Article ID:20210191


Research articles
Cosmological milestones, conformal frameworks and quiescent cosmology
Published:14 March 2022Article ID:20210172

Research articles
Einstein flow with matter sources: stability and convergence
Published:14 March 2022Article ID:20210190

Research articles
Stability of asymptotic behaviour within polarized T 2 -symmetric vacuum solutions with cosmological constant
Published:14 March 2022Article ID:20210173

Review articles
A critical appraisal of the singularity theorems
Published:14 March 2022Article ID:20210174

Review articles
Some unusual wormholes in general relativity
Published:14 March 2022Article ID:20210176

Research articles
Onset of synchronization in coupled Mixmaster oscillators
Published:14 March 2022Article ID:20210189

Review articles
New futures for cosmological models
Published:14 March 2022Article ID:20210333

Research articles
On stable exponential cosmological solutions with two factor spaces in (1+ m + 2)-dimensional Einstein–Gauss–Bonnet model with Λ-term
Published:14 March 2022Article ID:20210177

Review articles
Geometrical origins of the universe dark sector: string-inspired torsion and anomalies as seeds for inflation and dark matter
Published:14 March 2022Article ID:20210188

Research articles
Reformulating scalar–tensor field theories as scalar–scalar field theories using a novel geometry
Published:14 March 2022Article ID:20210183