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Theme issue ‘Dust in the Solar System and beyond’ compiled and edited by Nozair Khawaja, Fabian Klenner, Jamey Szalay, Masanori Kobayashi, Christelle Briois and Ingrid Mann

This theme issue covers a range of topics extending across meteoritic research, modelling dust from comets and asteroids, spaceborne dust instruments, hydrothermal simulations of icy particles from subsurface ocean worlds and laboratory simulations of hypervelocity impacts via a novel icy dust accelerator. Review and perspective articles are also included here, outlining the state of the art in cosmic dust alongside proposals for future research in the field. Cosmic dust is a vital theme in astronomy, astrophysics, planetary science, space exploration, and even astrobiology. Research in this field leads to a deeper understanding of the history of the universe and solar system, as well as the origin of life on Earth and potentially elsewhere.

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Research articles
Transport of dust across the Solar System: Constraints on the spatial origin of individual micrometeorites from cosmic-ray exposure
Published:13 May 2024Article ID:20230197

Research articles
Ulysses spacecraft in situ detections of cometary dust trails
Published:13 May 2024Article ID:20230200

Opinion piece
The unresolved mystery of dust particle swarms within the magnetosphere
Published:13 May 2024Article ID:20230370

Research articles
Cosmic dust impacts on the Hubble Space Telescope
Published:13 May 2024Article ID:20230194

Research articles
Selected ice nanoparticle accelerator hypervelocity impact mass spectrometer (SELINA-HIMS): features and impacts of charged particles
Published:13 May 2024Article ID:20230208

Research articles
Laboratory characterization of hydrothermally processed oligopeptides in ice grains emitted by Enceladus and Europa
Published:13 May 2024Article ID:20230201

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