Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London
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Astronomical observation
An extract of Mr. Flamsteads letter of April, 19. 1673. containing some more accurate observations of his own, about Jupiter's transits near some fixed star; useful for determining the inclination of that planet to the ecliptique.
Published:19 May 1673Page(s): 6033-6036

A specimen of some observations made by a microscope, contrived by M. Leewenhoeck in Holland, lately communicated by Dr. Regnerus de Graaf.
Published:19 May 1673Page(s): 6037-6038

A description of the uses of a certain powder for yielding very smooth and close mettal, and of easier carriage, &c
    Published:19 May 1673Page(s): 6040-6040

      Published:19 May 1673Page(s): 6050-6050